What's Nigi?

Nigi is an innovative technology that is designed to help break down dissonant information that affect our natural energetic balance to bring us back into a state of coherence.

Through its innovative technology, Nigi transmits specific digital frequencies at very high speeds to help break down dissonant information that adversely affect our body/mind and creates a grounding effect so that the information can flow out of the body. It is a tool to help your body/mind detox from excessive information overload.

Many of our current users of Nigi have come back with comments on how they feel more clear, grounded, and energetic.

For the user, all he/she has to do is hold it in his/her hand. Many energetically sensitive people will feel the flow immediately. For others, it may take a while longer to feel the physical effects.

Who is this for?

People that want to feel the benefit of meditation but simply do not have the time or the experience to feel the benefits.

People that want to feel calmer, more grounded, less stressed and more focused during their day to day activities.

People that are interested in exploring conscious evolution of the individual and society.

How to Use Nigi

1.Hold it in your hand

This is the most basic and effective way to use Nigi and feel its effects. Many sensitive users will feel its effects immediately. If you do not feel anything at first, try relaxing and deepening your breath to help you feel the energy of Nigi.

2.Keep it in your pocket

Most popular way of working with Nigi on a daily basis. Since Nigi will not be touching the skin, it is recommended that you take it out and hold it in your hand a few times a day (there is no limit or recommended number of times. Go with what you feel). If you feel particularly stressed, tired, sluggish, foggy headed, or need to concentrate, hold Nigi in your hands.

If Nigi will not fit in your pocket keep it in your purse or bag and occasionally hold it in your hand.

3.Keep it close you during sleep

Keeping Nigi close to you while you sleep will help you ground your energy and bring back the natural flow of energy while you sleep. We recommend putting Nigi behind your neck or your back where energy flow may be blocked.


The following are testimonials from users: (Note: These are translated comments from Japanese test users of Nigi. All personal information have been deleted due to confidentiality)

  • I feel more grounded. Since then, things have been going more smoothly for me.
  • My concentration level and ability to maintain the high level of concentration has improved greatly which has surprised those around me.
  • I feel a lot calmer when using device and feel like it has helped me balance my negative thinking.
  • I feel like my talents and abilities have strengthened since using the device.
  • My breathing has gotten deeper.
  • My intuition has improved.
  • The level of calmness has definitely improved.
  • My internal energy flow has improved.
  • I’m not so attached to food anymore.
  • I’m not as nervous on my sales calls anymore.
  • I can feel my mind working better and so I don’t feel as stressed. My perception of what used to stress me has changed, so in that way, I don’t feel as stressed anymore. I feel more natural.
  • I feel I have better quality sleep.
  • Even on days where my sleeping time was short, I don’t feel sluggish and don’t feel sleepy in the middle of the day.
  • I feel increased awareness.
  • I had a sore throat on the day of a meeting. After holding Nigi for about an hour, the sore throat went away.
  • My head feels lighter and clearer.
  • It has become much easier to let go of emotions and so I feel more stable.
  • I can get out of the negative thinking spiral now.

The Art and Craftsmanship Behind Nigi

The overall image and coloring of Nigi was designed by talented artist Ken-ichiro Isaka, Professor at the University of Yamanashi Graduate School. The inspiration behind the color gradation is “water” and “air”. Water is an important element for the human body as it constitutes a significant part of us and we need water for life. Water and air also represents the fluidity of life and consciousness. As we move fluidly with life, we become one with the universe and our spirits and consciousness evolve. The etching on the surface of Nigi represents not only water and air, but also the mountains surrounding Kofu City, where Nigi was born.

The body of Nigi is pure titanium, which is thought to be harmonious with the human body. The color gradation of Nigi is created through the light reflection on the titanium. No dye or painting is used to create this color, and involves a high level of technical precision on the part of the craftsman to generate the color gradation.

Ken-ichiro Isaka Website (Japanese only) http://isakart.com/

Horie website (titanium surface processing for Nigi) http://www.horieusa.com/

Nigi Ver2.0 (Blue)
The original Nigi. Contains frequencies to help breakdown dissonant energies.
JPY 90,000 (Coming soon)
Nigi Da-ma (Purple)
Best selling Nigi in Japan, where this was developed. Contains frequencies to help ground and go into a deeper meditative state.
JPY 90,000 (Coming soon)
Iza Nigi (Pink)
Contains frequencies for energetic protection.
JPY 90,000 (Coming soon)
Nigi Gold
Only sold internationally, this Nigi contains the same program as Nigi Da-ma to help users go into a deeper meditative state.
JPY 90,000 (Coming soon)


12/08/2018 We started an international shop.
We started an international shop.